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Safety Tips for Truck Driving

October 17, 2018 Sharad Pratap Singh

Driving a truck in India is a serious challenge and even a slightest mistake can lead to serious accidents and injuries. In India almost 80% of the truck accidents are caused by human errors. Here are some of the basic precautions that one can take to drive a truck safely and securely....

  1. 1.) Take Adequate Rest: Lack of adequate sleep and fatigue is one of the major causes of truck accidents in India. According to a study, almost 40% of truck drivers sleep for just 2–3 hours a day while on duty; another 30% sleep for just 4 to 6 hours, and 25% of the drivers sleep 2 hours or less in a day while on assignment. This showed that most of the truck drivers are on the road driving, suffer from sleep deprivation. Another important finding was that 57% of the drivers claimed to drive mostly in the night.
    Make sure that you complete your sleep before driving. If feeling tired or sleepy while driving, then pull over a safe location and take a short nap of 15-20 minutes, take caffeine, and wash your face with water.
  2. A truck loses control and falls due to overloadin
  3. 2.) Don’t drive an Overloaded Truck: Driving an overloaded tuck can make the truck difficult to control especially at sharp turns and uneven surfaces. In 2016, overloaded trucks accounted for 20% of road accidents. In 2017 only, 38,370 people were killed because of overloaded vehicles. So, carry load only according to the capacity of your truck.
  4. 3.) Check and Maintain your Truck regularly: Regular maintenance and inspection of the truck prevents common road accidents which can be due to a mechanical malfunction. Common examples of maintenance deficiencies include braking defects caused by oil-contaminated brakes, brakes that are out of adjustment, tire failures that are under-inflated or over-loaded, wheel separations, hub assemblies that are improperly installed or maintained, and steering system components that are used and worn to the point that they separate and fail.
  5. 4.) Avoid Alcohol: Consumption of Drugs, alcohol, or any other intoxicating substance, fiddles with your mind and hampers your thinking and judgment capabilities. According to a study:
    • 70% road deaths were caused by drunk driving last year in Delhi.
    • Up to 65% fatal road accidents caused by drunk driving nationally.
    • There has been a 22.5% rise in underage drinking in the Capital.
    Drive soberly to avoid any serious accidents. If you are drunk, then designate some other driver for your vehicle.
  6. 5.) Don’t Over speed: Driving faster can cause disaster. The rush to deliver goods in time often leads to speeding which can cause major accidents. Drive within speed limits and follow all the traffic rules, because…

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October 17, 2018

Safety tips for Truck Driving

Driving a truck in India is a serious challenge and even a slightest mistake can lead to serious accidents and injuries.

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