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Bajaj Maxima


Bajaj Maxima

  • Company Name - Bajaj
  • Model - Maxima
  • Dimension - 5.4*
  • Payload - 0.485 Ton
  • Gross Weight - 995 KG
  • Tyre - 3

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Description :

Truxapp Pvt Ltd Vehicle the Bajaj Maxima C is the last mile freight bearer and has a stacking range of length 1,650mm, width 1,425mm and a tallness of 275mm. It has been particularly intended to convey loads like barrels and bond in troublesome territories. The payload is moderately higher in its class and makes this vehicle fit to convey merchandise including refreshments, sustenance boxes, general basic need and other family supplies. Bajaj Maxima C is a three-wheeler stack bearer fueled by a 447 cc motor. This motor is fit for giving back a Good load. This three wheels transport business vehicle can manage the cost of a most extreme payload of 452 kgs. The joined motor can create a most extreme energy of 9.38 Bhp @ 5500 Rpm and greatest torque of 14.6 Nm @ 2750 rpm.