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  • Company Name - MARUTI
  • Model - EECO
  • Dimension - NA
  • Payload - 0.6 Ton
  • Gross Weight - 1510 KG
  • Tyre - 4

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Description :

Truxapp Pvt Ltd Vehicle Maruti Eeco Cargo is a Spacious Utility Vehicle in 5 Seater Option. Been with the CNG decreases the running expense - still left over the boot space with not too bad 275 Lit. The high length seats offer an astounding driving perspective at both front and back. Controlled by 1.2 Lit Petrol, 4 Cylinder MPFI Engine, Peak Power in Eeco CNG is 63 BHP with 83 NM Torque. Add on to simple driving accompanies low turning sweep of 4.5 Meter - the auto is genuinely enjoyable to drive and quicken What is, notwithstanding, missing is - Lack of Diesel Option, and Lesser Features puts down for those searching for more style and elements as Private Car. However - with Space and Efficiency - Eeco CNG appears a flawless business Van for stacking/emptying. Note:- If you searching for 7 Seater Ecco - then it’s Available just in Basic Standard Non AC Model and just comes in Petrol Fuel.