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Piagio APE


Piagio APE

  • Company Name - Piagio
  • Model - Piagio APE
  • Dimension - 10.2*4.8*5.36
  • Payload - 0.56 Ton
  • Gross Weight - 995 KG
  • Tyre - 3

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Truxapp Pvt Ltd Vehicle Piaggio Ape is viewed as India's driving 3-wheeler smaller than expected truck and is exceptionally well known among entrepreneurs for its execution. Vehicle particulars incorporate a Single Cylinder Naturally Aspirated Air Cooled Diesel motor, (motor likewise accessible in CNG and LPG fuel variations), control between 7.5 - 8.1 bhp and torque between 18 - 22.2 Nm. It's better than average level capacity extend from 12 - 22.16% empowers Ape to convey diverse burdens like FMCG, snacks, sustenance things, and more on both city streets and slope streets. It's each of the 11 variations has normal GVW of 975 kg, in any case, with various payload limits running from 460 - 560 kg. It has no power guiding, however, handlebar to offer direct mobility and has solid skeleton outline. Primate's lodge has essential elements including standard seats and instrument bunch. Piaggio Ape is offered in upwards of seven body shading alternatives.